What we do

BH Live is unique in being able to deliver the whole experience package to visiting delegates and members of the public. From the gig or conference ticket, to transport, food, drink and accommodation – even the gym pass.

We work with local authorities, other charitable trusts, private businesses, professional bodies, trade unions, educational establishments and thought leaders to host mainstream and niche events, add value to visitor experiences and sow the seeds of innovation.

We provide round the clock ticketing, security and service support. We have the people, know-how and partnerships to take care of everything associated with event management and service operations, including ticketing and hospitality, frontline staff, backstage crews, high-tech A/V systems, communications and IT, health & safety and security.

Our customers confidently place their activities in our hands. Conference organisers, bands and their promoters, stand-up comedians, even political parties, trust us to host unforgettable, secure, smooth running events that bring audiences and delegates back time and time again.