Al fresco Dining

Bournemouth Air Festival 

Bournemouth Air Festival is a massive, must-see event that attracts over a million visitors to Bournemouth. Join us for the day on our Purbeck Terrace for a relaxed, grandstand view of all the aerial action. Not only will you escape the crowds and enjoy the best seats in the house, you’ll be plied with a succession of delicious food and drink from our kitchen. These packages sell quickly, so be sure to get yours early. For prices and to book visit

Street food

Street food offers an exciting, sociable food experience with an eclectic choice of world food, with more than a nod towards special diets. Trailers, carts and vintage stalls serve food with passion and flair, adding a splash of colour and energy to this relaxed, grazing experience. More and more of our clients want this replicated at their events and with our pop-up kitchens, food stations and carts, you can serve your guests a bespoke menu that can include anything from burgers and bhajis to paella and pulled pork.

Friday nights 

Our Terrace bars stay open late on Friday nights to round off the week with a barbecue, bar and live music. It’s a great end to the week and a perfect start to the weekend in the great outdoors, with some great views.