A Fresh Approach

Our catering partnership business model is helping us to grow and generate the extra revenue we need to create opportunities, inspire people and enrich lives in the community. And it can work for you too.

This is a working business model, shaped, created and tested in partnership with our most demanding clients and loyal suppliers. We’ve created a new way for not-for-profit organisations to attract more customers into their venues and generate more surplus to invest in their communities. Services are imagined and developed by the team at Bournemouth International Centre, proven in the real world of client events, and then rolled out across other partner venues.

How can you benefit?

Taking a completely fresh approach to the way we do business has already helped our own organisation to grow from £25 million in 2010 to £36 million today, with a 2017 target of around £45 million. Think what it could do for yours?

  • Creative approach to tackling today’s financial pressures: austerity, ageing building assets and increased competition
  • Added value from an award-winning fine dining and retail catering brand
  • Joint venture, social enterprise opportunity, with equal shared risk and reward
  • A better deal for your clients
  • A better experience for your delegates
  • Increased scale and scope to attract major players in the private and public sector
  • Sustained revenue and social benefit through an innovative, dynamic and evolving business model

The proof that it works

  • Growth from almost nothing in 2011 to £2 million turnover in our first year, doubling to £8.3 million in 2014-2015
  • Local hospitality revenue for one-off banqueting events from £100,000 in 2011 to £700,000 in 2015
  • Customer satisfaction up by 10 per cent
  • More than 30 branded Terrace cafés and bars open in venues across the South Coast and in London
  • New street food and street cart concepts for outdoor events and festivals
  • Major USP for high profile clients and events: Lush Cosmetics, One Bauer Media Awards, AFC Bournemouth Player Awards, JP Morgan, UK Serials Group, and more.

Our hospitality model can be applied in any venue and for any style of event – including team building, corporate incentives, festival catering and other outdoor events. It can work for any organisation, wherever people need to meet, share and get things done. It can work for you.

Get in touch with us on 01202 055576 or email bhlivehospitality@bhlive.org.uk